November 19th 2018

JETcopter finalizes 7-seat flying car design


November 19th 2018 - VTOL aviation startup JETcopter announced today that it has finished the primary air turbine tests , which confirmed the concept feasibility. The design team also released the latest JETcopter design.

Six passengers and pilot
With the latest design, the JETcopter has become more compact and now has a flatter bottom. JETcopter will be able to drive on roads as well as to fly.The JETcopter interior look similar to medium sized helicopters, with the pilots seat infront and six seats behind for passengers.

Rear ramp 
JETcopter will have a rear ramp for easier access and to load and unload bulky goods or embark and disembark passengers faster. This ramp will be of comparable configuration as some existing large types of helicopters.

Flying controls
The JETcopter engine compartment, with two 400 hp automotive motors powering two counter rotating fans, will be situated on top of the fuselage. Airflow from these two fans will be diverted to four vectoring nozzles. Like other VTOLs, the amount of power given to each output point can be manipulated to control vertical hovering and maneuvering. Once the JETcopter is in the air, its fixed nozzles tilts for horizontal flight, and from there it operates much like a jet.

Cargo & passengers versions
Firstly JETcopter team plans to build a cargo version of the VTOL-aircraft . This cargo version of the JETcopter will be followed by a passenger version in a later stage. 

No more hard leanings  to fly helicopter
JETcopter  will use electronic leveling control instead of complex manual , so controls will be much simpler , plane alike . Pilot will not need any more manually each moment hold leveling.

Faster take off : 
JETcopter  will use automotive motors , ready to take off time can be approx 1-2 minutes. This will be important in case VTOL aircraft will commute as air taxi in urban areas .

              A full-scale mock-up of the JETcopter will be presented at the AERO 2019 aviation exhibition, the largest general aviation trade show in Europe, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April 2019.


Images below are not final


passenger version

cargo version

7 seats interior


JETcopter specifications:

Capacity : 1 pilot + 6 passengers

Range: 1000 km / 620 miles

Engines: 2 x 400 hp automotive with duplicated fuel, cooling and power supply systems

Speed : over 300 km/h ( 186 mph )

Empty weight : approx 1000 kg ( 2200 lb)

Wing area : 13.5 m2

Safety : 2 installed parachutes 


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