#Defence # Military helicopter # Military VTOL #Military Jetcopter

                            New advanced modular VTOL air mobility system - 2 in 1 .

Heavy drone + cabin for passengers / goods .
Can use only drone for long range (600 miles) vtol missions, can use drone + cabin as regular helicopter


Military Jetcopter

More than 100 armed forces worldwide use military helicopters.

Jetcopter not only will meet today’s military requirements, but also will meet tomorrow’s needs.

1 years old designs

Jetcopter from evacuation , transport to special missions

Jetcopter folding wings version - great for transporting , saving space , marine .

Jetcopter width in transport position fit within road lines.

Jetcopter modular construction will allow to save a lot of resources for armies fleets .

JETCOPTER FOR NAVY .Up to 4 military Jetcopters could land here , each with 620 miles flying distance .

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