1. Why drones not gonna work as flying taxies ?

Presently about 200 diferent designs of flying taxi presented . About 180 from them are just versions of drones . Drones very easy and cheap to engineer and produce - cheap electric motors + expensive , heavy and dangerous batteries . But aviation experts all have same opinion about drones - it's very doubtfully to believe that drones will be able to lift more than 1 passenger. Lifting just 1 pilot + 1 passenger for very short time and very slow speed - that's not what market and customers expect.

2. Why helicopters not gonna work as flying taxies ?

helicopters are perfect machines when you need long time hoover above one place , but they very inefficient in horizontal flights , are very complex , slow , expensive and dangerous. 12 m diameter rotor blades are very dangerous in crowd areas  , helicopters can't fly near buildings , pilots are tired after 2 hours flight , helicopter pilot licence hard to get . 

3. Why JETCOPTER gonna make it ?

while being less efficient in hoovering , Jetcopter will overcome helicopters in safety , speed , distance , efficiency , smaller maintenance costs , piloting convenience , piloting license request ( small airplane licence to be required ) and many other features . At very reasonable costs JETCOPTER will have 1000 kW power on board , enough to lift approx 2300 kg and achieve 300 km/h flight speed .

4. Idea worth nothing , when everybody can copy/paste it .

Jetcopter construction patented by USA patent for 20 years .

5. Presently not exist any other feasible 5-6 seats VTOL project.

Only Jetcopter construction have 6 seats and will allow to have 1000 kW power on board will very effective costs by using ready from industries components .Jetcopter will not need any not existing components ( like super batteries / super motors / super rotors / special folding wings and etc .)

6. Unique , effective and feasible construction with unique spec

1000 km flying distance at 300 km/h speed . With such spec Jetcopter can open new sub plane distance sector . To reach destinations till 1000 km by Jetcopter ould become very popular.

7. Fast entering to market

Jetcopter can fast enter market , already in 2020 are planned to produce final design real size mock-ups to present them widely to aviation industry and buyers.

9. Compact design - mandatory for urban aircraft

Sooner or later all manufactures will realize that urban areas request compact VTOL aircraft design , instead of 1 others layout aircraft on skyscraper roof  , 3 JETCOPTERS could fit .

10. Duct fans - mandatory for urban aircraft !

Sooner or later certification authorities will force all urban VTOL manufactures to use only duct fans - not to leave open high speed rotating propellers just near passengers with a kids.

11. JETCOPTER drone

Jetcopter also plan to release unmanned , autonomous cargo version - JETCOPTER drone based on patented construction . Drone market is very promising and huge.

12. JETCOPTER team

after finishing conception engineering and multiple test , JETCOPTER team started to collaborate with aviation industry for various components final engineering and production . JETCOPTER itself will become FAS - final assembly shop , with fast scaling option availability .

13. Because it's NEXT BIG THING

all investments to JETCOPTER will go for pre production prototype and production processes initialization . Numerous of models to be built and join world famous aviation shows to present to customers new vertical aviation tech .Market requests new VTOL aircraft soon and in big quantities . Right conception will obtain huge market .


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