Why we need better copter ?

 1. because of safety

first copter equipped with 2 parachutes

2. because of speed and efficiency

helicopter able tilt blades for small angle , thus airflow  goes down approx 45 degrees.

JETcopter will be able redirect airflow for 90 degrees , have wings area for efficient horizontal flight .

3. because of operational costs

JETcopter powered with automotive motors will have much smaller operational and maintenance costs .

Flying car must have automotive motors !

efficient , affordable  , reliable , light weight and powerful !

3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, all-aluminum engine 
power : 550 hp (410 kW)

torque : 627 pound-feet (850 Nm) 


Why not turbo shaft motors ?

1.expensive to purchase (250 000 -300 000$ )

2. expensive to maintain 

3. short lifespan (approx 3000 h)

 What kind of aircraft it is ?

JETcopter is VTOL aircraft , with helicopter and plane capabilities  . Helicopters able to land at any place , airplanes very efficiently fly horizontally .

What advantages it will have against helicopters ?

powered by automotive motors , with not expensive and wide maintenance options , more fuel efficient  , faster , safer .

Why copter-plane use automotive motors ?

latest automotive motors are very reliable ,  powerful , light weight and affordable  , 400 hp car motor cost about 6500 $, while turbo shaft aviation motor same power -  200 000$ -300 000 $. Maintenance of car motors is not expensive and widely available .

Why not to use electric motors ?

first - airplane is not a Tesla car , when you can stop any place on the road , if you went out of power . Airplane must safely return to the ground - thus it anytime must have spare power to be used in emergency . To use electric motors is simple option , in the past our team was involved in electric car production . But 1 kg gas have same amount of power as 30 kg !!! lithium batteries .  Electric helicopter can stay in air only for 10-20 minutes . JETcopter to stay in air for hours and cover more than 600 miles distance  . 

Will you be able to built this aircraft itself ?

   Aviation industry  now offers  a  variety of ready-made aerodynamic configurations , avionics ,  structural assemblies and other choices . By using integrated assembly , ordering from contractors standard components with specified characteristics, can leave only the final assembly of the aircraft , with much less costs. Aircraft plants now can be reduced to the FAS -  final assembly shop . Also NTA will invite other industry companies to join project .


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