It's time  !



helicopters 100 years in use without major changes .Helicopter - effective machine -with one big rotor it needs only 200 hp to take off. Multicopter will need lot more power - 700kW for 2500kg vertical take off.



Advantages :

1. big capacity - 6+ seats

2. twin hybrid engine redundant construction ( total 1000 kW )

3. high speed 300 km/h 

4. big flying distance - 1000 km

5. convenient modular structure - fuselage , motor compartment and turbines interchangeable

6. efficient winged construction

7. safe , parachute equipped 

8. engineered  easy scale for mass production ( 5000+ units per year )

9. very low maintenance and passenger per mile costs

10. affordable price - just 30% of same size helicopter

11. very maneuverable - mandatory and huge advantage for city flights  

12. flying car conception - wide automotive components using

13. patent protected

Jet stream always wins 

too many samples today where more powerful and efficient jet stream overcome simple stream . Propelled VTOL's are temporary solution .

                                          LOST                                                                                 WIN

Jet stream everywhere 


 USA patent  , publication US-2019-0016453-A1 

                                                          replacing main and tail rotor by double centrifugal air turbines 
                                                                    replacing cyclic control by airflow vectoring


       4 points airflow vectoring 

practically proven Harrier jump jet 4 nozzles thrust vectoring system

All modern VTOL constructions were tested long time ago and ... failed 

Presently it's boom of VTOL designs , majority of them are just recalls from 1950's , second attempt to bring them to life . Today only too lazy not offered own VTOL aircraft design and there are reason - electric motors . Looks so simple - just add 4 rotors + motors around the cabin and here we have - new aircraft . But reality is not so simple .


JETCopter will have  two counter rotating centrifugal fans  , which then divert their airflow to four outflow points. Like other VTOLS, the amount of power given to each output point can be manipulated to control vertical hovering and maneuvering. Once the JETCopter is in the air, its fixed-wing tilts for horizontal flight, and from there it operates much like a jet.  The jump to jet power enables a more continuous and powerful airflow stream. This could make for more advanced maneuvering. It also eliminates the presence of a suctioning force at the extraneous points, which would be much safer in urban environments. Jetcopter’s distributed power concept opens up a new class of flying cars. New VTOL designs may start featuring jet power points rather than rotor blades at every point and features such as higher ranges and speeds could add value to a higher end segment of the market; people who wish to travel further or faster. 

Axial turbine for planes , centrifugal for copters

much cheaper and just bit less efficient


                                                               Why not multicopters ?


1st multicopter law :  as smaller rotors are , as more powerful motors you will need .
2nd multicopter law : more rotors = more motors = more problems

3rd multicopter law : more rotors = more air drag


Why Jetcopter will be more efficient VTOL ?

JETcopter will be able to use air lifting power , helicopter not  . 

JETcopter evolution 

Engine  : 2 x  automotive with  duplicated fuel , cooling  , power supply systems .

Reliable and less mechanically complex 

no swash plates , no cyclic , no hydraulics , no clutch .

Take off :  helicopter mode or  plane mode ,  fly as plane 

will be able to land at auto parking ,
will be able to maneuver safe between cars

powered by reliable automotive motors ,
may not need helicopter pilot licence 
much easier to pilot

Low production costs ( compared with 6 place helicopter ) :


Operational costs predicted 60-70 % lower than helicopter

 better aerodynamics , better functionality

 equipped with 2 parachute life saving system 

fuselage all made from carbon fiber



Tilt wings with 4 vectoring nozzles


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